18 January 2023 Weekly Call


 Live Questions Answered

  • Martina I manage to find a store in my city (Italy) that sells Metagenic products. They told me that the italian products are not identical, but they have the same goal. I'm now in the phase 3, till monday. Is it useful for me to start with the equivalent of Metagenics Pregnancy PlusOne Pregnancy Packet for Women and Metagenics UltraFlora Women’sProbiotics, or is it better that I wait for the next period to start the equivalent of UltraGI Replenish? If I have understood correctly, when you to the UltraGI Replenish, you don't have to take anything else. Is it correct?
  • Anonymous Is it normal to have blood clumps in your period? Also, 've been with FAM since May last year, I'm doing the acupressure protocols but it seems I can't see any improvements on my fertility. What else can I do to improve the chances of conceiving?